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Cambridge Exoplanet Research Centre


The Astrophysics group in DAMTP (Department of Applied Mathematics and
Theoretical Physics) carries out a wide range of theoretical and  computational research in astrophysical fluid dynamics,  magnetohydrodynamics, and N-body dynamics.  In the area of exoplanets, the group has strong interests in the orbital evolution of planets due to their interaction with the protoplanetary disc, the central star and other planets.  Motivated by the observed properties of exoplanetary systems, this work involves detailed computations of the propagating waves and coorbital disturbances excited by planets in a disc, fundamental studies of tidal disturbances and dissipation in rotating fluid bodies, investigations of the dynamics of orbital resonances, planet-planet scattering, and planetesimal dynamics.  The group also studies the basic physics and evolution of protoplanetary and other astrophysical discs, including their boundary layers, hydrodynamic and magnetohydrodynamic instabilities, turbulent transport, spiral waves, vortices and the behaviour of solid material in gas discs, all of which are relevant to the processes of planet formation.

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