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Current visitors

Below is a list of our current visitors. For further information, please contact their host here at Cambridge University. 



Laetitia Delrez (University of Liege)                           

Prof. Didier Queloz 

Brice-Oliver Demory (Center for Space and Habitability)     

Prof. Didier Queloz

Elsa Ducrot (University of Liege)

Prof. Didier Queloz

Kamran Javid

Dr Richard Saunders

Alessio Spuro Mancini (University College, London)

Prof. Mike Hobson

Brian Martin (UCL)

Prof. Andy Parker

Dr Sijme-Jan Paardekooper       

Prof. Gordon Ogilvie

Emily Sandford 

Prof. Didier Queloz

Haoyang Ye

Prof. Stephen Gull