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Cambridge Exoplanet Research Centre


Meetings this Semester: 

1 February (Wednesday) -- 16:00 -- Martin Ferus -- Wednesday Exoplanet
Seminar (Martin Ryle Seminar Room, Kavli Institute)

Title: Consequences of Heavy Bombardment Periods on Chemistry of the
Early Earth

Speaker: Martin Ferus is a spectroscopist and astrochemist who has been
doing work on impact chemistry.  You can find some of his papers here:



9 February (Thursday) -- 11:00 -- Duncan Forgan -- Visit to the LMB

Duncan will be giving a short informal talk at the LMB about what it
means when people say that an exoplanet is habitable. I plan to show him
around the lab after this talk. Duncan is writing a popular book on
astriobiology, part of which deals with theories on the origin of life.
You can find out more about him here:


24 April (Monday) - Exoplanet Science for Chemists and Prebiotic Chemistry for Astronomers

12pm - 5pm

This is a half-day meeting for people to be introduced at the most
basic level to these  two research areas, with ample opportunity to ask
anything, no matter how basic or tangential it may seem. There will also
be a time for discussion and for brainstorming how these two research
areas can work together. After this meeting, everyone who wants can go
together to a pub or restaurant.  For more information and registration please visit:


10 May -- 16:00 -- Catherine Walsh -- Wednesday Exoplanet Seminar
(Martin Ryle Seminar Room, Kavli Institute)
More information about Catherine can be found at


17 May -- Day Conference on Habitability and Climate of Exoplanets

There will be a day conference on atmospheric chemistry and habitability
of exoplanets, organised by Alex Archibald, Angelica Mariani, Michelle
Cain and myself. We plan to include as invited speakers Ray
Pierrehumbert, Sarah Rugheimer, Christiane Helling, and Franck Selsis
(pending). More details, including venue, date, a full list of speakers
and schedule, to follow later in the year.