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Cambridge Exoplanet Research Centre


The Cavendish Laboratory and Institute of Astronomy (IoA) organised the first exoplanet UK community meeting on April 14-16 2014.

UK research activities within the field of exoplanets have significantly expanded in the last few years. Many members of this growing community are actively engaged in space missions, the development of ground-based facilities, intensive use of available resources, and new theoretical developments. The purpose of this meeting was to encourage interactions between groups and researchers working on these topics, and to help foster new collaborations. Topics addressing general aspects relevant for the community were proposed as well (e.g. the road map, space mission support, etc.).
The meeting was intended for the UK community, but not restricted to it. 

All talks, posters are archived here.

The next Exoplanet UK Community Meeting will take place from March 30th to April 1st 2015 in Warwick.